Metrodev was recently commissioned to present a report detailing the viability of using simulation for the provision of operational training in the rail industry. MDS looked at other successful models, including a visit to the UK National Air Traffic Service at Fareham.The report detailed analysis of the identification of tasks required to be simulated and detailed methodology. Those tasks requiring priority in training were analysed further.A comprehensive Training Specification supported the report.

The skills, knowledge and experience of rail operations, particularly our expertise in signalling and service control operations attracted the interest of 3D Visual Simulations Ltd. Our unique relationship with 3dvsl allows us to not only advise on and support their work that is rail orientated but also to use their unique understanding and experience in 3D photorealistic modelling to suggest specific areas where simulation can both support and improve existing training and support change within an organisation, by presenting a format that is readily acceptable to the end-user whilst affording cost and time benefits.

Metrodev, an advocate of simulation in training, is happy to discuss your requirements.

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Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of initial situation
  • Definition of alternative courses of action
  • Conception and implementation of simulation strategy
  • Design & Development of bespoke simulation material
  • Integration of training & simulation programmes