Conflict Resolution

Workplace Mediaton

Workplace mediation is the ACAS recognised alternative to long and expensive workplace disputes. It is now an essential and effective tool in the armoury of any person tasked with managing employee relations. By acting as a third party neutral facilitator, a trained and accredited workplace mediator can listen, ask questions and help explore solutions in a constructive and private process. Workplace mediation not only helps resolve conflict, it helps build bridges to better employee relations. Metro Development Solutions can help you achieve improved levels of staff productivity and retention.


Workplace mediation is now officially recognised and encouraged by BERR (formerly the DTI) and ACAS. The new Employment Act 2008 became effective on 6th April 2009. A new ACAS Code of Practice Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures replaces the three step grievance and disciplinary system of written statement, meeting and appeal. New provisions include a revised definition of what is fair and reasonable when tackling problems at work. The ACAS Guidance to the code clearly promotes employers and employees to use workplace mediation.


We provide specialist accredited workplace mediators who are available to assist you with a current workplace dispute or to help prevent one. Call us to speak to a mediator about your case.


Accredited mediator Paul Jones MCIArb is happy to speak with your HR team, without charge, to explain:

  • How mediation works
  • How the new ACAS code and guide should be interpreted
  • When to use mediation
  • How TU reps can be involved
  • What your policies should say
  • How to set up internal mediation and "conflict resolution first aid"

Paul is one of the UK's leading experts in workplace mediation and assisted the DTi to change the workplace disciplinary and grievance statutory procedures.

Independent Workplace Investigations
Internal workplace grievances and disciplinary investigations are time consuming and very costly. People go off sick, managers spend hours conducting interviews and writing up findings, productive time is lost. Then, almost routinely, the findings of the investigation are appealed against and the process starts again. Why does this happen? It is because the managers are not seen as independent and they are not trained as investigators.


Why waste time and money - Metro Development Solutions can provide trained, impartial and independent investigators. We can carry out the process quickly and efficiently and give a robust and balanced report including findings and recommendations.

Independent investigations give employees who are off work "stressed" the confidence to return and be interviewed saving lost time to illness and letting grievances that have dragged on get resolved. Managers can do their ‘real' job and let us get on with conducting a professional investigation. The independence of the report's findings means that they are rarely appealed

An independent investigation can usually save businesses money, so let Metro Development Solutions help, call us now for a confidential assessment of the situation.